• eCommerce Data Feed
    Export Product Data for online eTailors

Get your data where you want it

Export Product data from XO and upload it to online etailors like Amazon, Houzz, Shopify, Overstock and others. We will work with you to provide tbe product data columns that you need.

Rich Marketing Content

Products data includes all the information to market products online. Including:

  • Product Images
  • Spec sheet reference files
  • Manufacturer/Vendor Product Availability/Inventory*
  • Pricing Sheets*
  • Product Attributes for indexable searching
  • XOLogic Standardized Categorization/Taxonomy

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Overstock Specials

Have too many products on the shelf collecting dust? XO can automatically flag product that are discontinued or products that you want to move.

Pricing Updates

Never have a pricing error again! Any changes are automatically updated across the website, in-store, and contractor product views.

Track Sales Trends

Compare Sales from last month, or last year. You can use detailed data to make key business decisions.