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March 15, 2017​
    4.0 Update coming soon!

XOLogic User Conference, 
VisualSearch, CMS, 
Clearance Center and more!
XOLogic CEO - Message to our Clients
We are excited about 2017 and the bright future for our lighting customers. We see the economyimproving and residential construction in many parts of the country is gaining strength. As the market gets stronger,  I would encourage you to diversify and expand your revenue streams now, to be better prepared for a down economy. Three main areas that we feel strongly about are; In-store, Online and in-the-field. Each of these areas have advantages and we have customers and experience with all three. If you have an outside sales team, arm them with your website. If you work with contractors or designers, give them their own login into your website. Learn how to improve your showroom using your website.

Look for opportunities use XOLogic to expand and diversify. In 2017 we will release our XOLights 4.0! This version is all about the user experience (UX) we will make it easier to do business with your showroom through XOLogic. We have already released improvements of our integration with many ERP systems and will continue to streamline the process from sales to fulfillment. In Q2 we will release our Visual Search feature, a tool that allows you to quickly find a fixture from any image or url. Watch for more information regarding these two big releases. We realize that some customers are not currently using XOLogic to its fullest capabilities.

 Here are three things that will help you get the most out of XOLogic. First, we assigned an account manager to each individual customer. You now have a dedicated support person committed to your success. Second, we recommended the “XOLogic Champion” concept to our new customers and it is pleased with the results. We encourage everyone to identify an XOLogic Champion in their store that will work directly with their respective account manager. Best practice has shown that when the XOLogic campion is “not” the owner we have more success.

 Third and most exciting, is the announcement of our first ever XOLogic User Conference in May. The inaugural event will be a somewhat small, ½ day conference held in Niagara Falls. The plan is to grow and expand our XOLogic User Conference into a 2-day conference in 2018. We are excited to have Jason Petersen; our founder and small business guru, present at the conference as well as one of our long-time customers and social media experts, Denise Duncan of Lighting Etc. in Dallas. One of the major advantages of being an XOlogic customer is the ability you gain to tap into the shared wisdom and knowledge of over 400 lighting showrooms.  Our commitment to your success is paramount and remains the top priority for each of us here at XOLogic! Let us know your interest level in attending the upcoming XOLogic User Conference this May in Niagara Falls.
Mark S. Farr – President/CEO XOLogic Corp
First Annual XOLogic User Conference 2017

Limited spots available learn how to maximize the XOLogic tools you already have!

Training will be provided to help you use XOLogic solutions fully.

Come learn how to:

• Maximize social media and website to get the full SEO benefits
• How to effectively use XOLogic in the field. How to effectively use XOLogic in your store.
• Upload inventory levels of in-stock items and show them first in your catalog
• How to take full advantage of “Clearance Center
• How to integrate your orders directly into your ERP system
• Ask questions at the “Meet the Expert” Session
• And get in person expert training


Clearance Center

Overstock becoming overwhelming?  
Does the word "clearance" frustrate you?
Why not let XOLogic help you solve both problems and make you money in the process.
I know it sounds too good to be true but that’s what we do!
Let me introduce you to the Clearance Center. We give you absolute control so you can add/remove items instantly and since you set the price….. the margins can be HUGE!

Find out more by calling 866-684-4134 or visiting 
Integrated Card Processing  (CMS)
We are continually striving to help our customers be as efficient and profitable as possible.

Realizing the dramatic shift in current merchant processing rules we immediately started searching for a partner that could offer new EMV (Microchip) enabled processing and a way to simplify the process. Without EMV use, fraud now is paid by the business whom charged the card and not the bank. If it’s a stolen card you could be responsible for the loss. This is a major burden and pain for all businesses who charge credit/debit cards.

I want something just like this . . . How often do you find yourself searching through endless pages trying to find an item a customer wants? They don’t know the item name, manufacturer or even a SKU, however they do have a picture.

Ever been somewhere new and thought,  "I really want that, I wonder who makes it?" Don’t worry,  XOLogic to the rescue. With XOLogic’s new VisualSearch™ feature you can now discover items that fit your customers needs.

We are offering free use temporarily so you can try it out.  It can be on your site, or you can buy per use options.

4.0 Update is Here
We are excited to announce the release of XOLogic 4.0 in the coming weeks. Our goal in developing 4.0 is to streamline and expedite the process of putting an order together, no matter if you are in the store or in the field. Below are a few highlighted features that will be available for all our customers to use. 

• No more jumping around from tab to tab or window to window to put your order together. The order you are creating will always be visible to you on the page no matter where you are. 

• Improved print order functionality. We have created a new template for printing orders. Now you will have a clean page break from page to page when printing. 

• 4.0 will provide an enhanced logged in experience for your business accounts. It will be faster and easier than ever for your business accounts to create orders and submit them to you. 

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