Built from the ground up to satisfy the needs of Hardware Supply Businesses, our software provides independent hardware showrooms with an easy to use, affordable turnkey website solution that establishes your hardware showroom as a multi-channel business.

Solutions for Hardware Businesses

We have been helping hardware supply gain control of their business by providing an easy-to-use, fully integrated website and point-of-sale and business software.

  • Drive traffic to your store - 96% of decorative hardware purchases happen locally
  • Contractor Login - Let your hardware contractors recieve their special pricing when placing orders from any connected device.
  • Printable Estimates for Contractors - Let customers put together their own list of items for a bid.
  • Add all of your Manufacturer Product Catalogs to your Branded Product Catalog - We have 15 up-to-date Manufacturer catalogs and over 80,000 SKUs
  • Price Tags - Price tags can be printed for only the products where pricing has changed. Use QR Codes to link to your website and also match pricing from your showroom and website.
  • Shipping Labels - Print order labels that can include the room location.
  • Multi-store locations - Create multiple store locations to show where products are located.
  • FTP Integration - Connect your existing accounting system to your website and point-of-sale.
  • Multiple Part Numbers - Use Manufacturer part numbers or your own part numbers to look up products.
  • Gain control of your business, use our business Dashboard with SCORE to find ways to improve your business.
  • And so much more...

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